2022 Cabinet Trends and Product Launch

Fall is just around the corner, and with it brings new products! We are so excited to dive into the new cabinet & closet trends for 2021/2022.

1. Sleek Cabinet Fronts

Our first trend is sleek minimalist cabinet fronts, paired with natural finishes for a touch of sophistication. Both the Passione Door, with its clean and essential lines, as well as the Lavoratti Doors with built in glass handles are elegant ways to incorporate this trend into your space.

Passione Doors

Lavoratti Doors

2. Pivoting Doors

A pivoting door adds an elegance and lightness to your space.  The Toscana offers a slim frame profile, allowing you to connect glass surfaces in an elegant way.

Toscana Pivoting Door

Toscana Pivoting Door

3. Technological Integrations

There’s no reason why beautiful Brazilian design can’t incorporate the modern conveniences. New for fall 2021 are integrated movie panels that can be used as a stand alone feature, or in a sliding door. You can now conceal your TV right into your cabinetry, creating a modern and minimal atmosphere without renouncing functionality.

The Movie Panel

The Movie Panel

Add practical touches to your cabinets and drawers. We now offer biometric and electronic locks on our drawers, giving you convenience and security, without having to sacrifice design.

Never fear the dreaded low battery when integrated induction and USB chargers. Sleek, discrete, and convenient – a modern must!

Biometric Lock

Induction Charger

Sound System for Panels

4. Light Panels

Our new K Concept light panels allows your spaces to be illuminated in a sophisticated and eye-catching way. Give your space a uniform glow of natural light, without reflections, shadows and glare. Every panel is customizable, allowing for variations of brightness to suit your space.

Solarys System K Concept Light Panel

5. Room Dividers

Room dividers allows you to have the best of both open concept and divided spaces. Our Toscana, Imperatore, and Quadratto Room Dividers add functionality to your space without bulk. Featuring double glass panels and slim profiles, these doors are beautiful elements to customize your space.

Toscana Room Divider

Quadratto Room Divider

Imperatore Room Divider

6. Modern Shelving

Create light and airy shelving with our Scaffale and Boiserie Shelving systems. The Scaffale uses elegant aluminum uprights to create floor to wall and floor to ceiling shelving options. You can also add wood and glass finishes to add texture and visual appeal. This system can also be used as a closet system. The Boiserie uses ultra-slim self-supporting shelves to give you a barely there look, to allow you to really showcase the objects in your home.

Scaffale Shelving System

Scaffale Shelving System

Boiserie Shelving System