The 5 Main Features of Italian Design

The Five Main Features of Italian Interior Design

How do we bring the 5 main features of Italian design to every home?

Italy is part of everyone’s imagination as a model of elegance and good taste. Italians seek the best of everything, from food to cars, fashion, wine, design, and architecture. Here at Dell Anno Canada, we also strive to maintain high quality, and that’s why they inspire us to create unique and sophisticated designs for your home.

But, perhaps, you’re wondering exactly what it is about Italian design that gives it its unique refined, and timeless grace. Keep reading this post to learn about the five main features of great Italian home design.

1. Smart Use of Space

Italians, like Brazilians, cherish their family time and their home, so they like cozy and airy environments, where their home becomes their sanctuary. Thus, one of the critical points of Italian Interior Design to create this feeling is intelligent placement and multifunctional furniture, good lighting, and open spaces.

This means making use of elements that are both functional, but add to the asthenic of the home, rather than distract from it. Our range of cabinets, shelving, doors and accessories are designed to be both beautiful and functional. Custom crafted to fit your spaces perfectly.  

Transparent room dividers keep the space open, while still establishing separation between spaces. 

Open shelving that is both functional and beautiful. 

2. A Different Kind of Minimalism

Nowadays, the Scandinavian style and its minimalism have become trendy. Italian design can also be considered minimalist but with some modern touches. Clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colours are often used in the interior design to bring this feeling of peace, but the Italian style also includes warm and creative touches.

The mix of natural materials, softness, along with simplicity creates a serene sophistication that makes modern Italian interior design so captivating.

Simple clean lines, mixed with light and natural finishes. 

Bedroom custom cabinetry and shelves

Mix of natural materials and openness creates serenity.

3. The Kitchen Is the Center of Attention

As mentioned before, like Brazilians, Italians have a strong sense of community. For this reason, family gatherings and dinner with friends at home are part of their lifestyle. The kitchen has special attention in Italian and Brazilian homes, so it is an inviting and functional environment. And for this reason, the kitchens designed and produced here at Dell Anno Canada receive special attention. With the use of unique materials, a thoughtful layout, and the expertise of our designers, your dream kitchen will genuinely become the heart of your home.

Luxury Italian Design consisting of mixed materials, elevated organization, and clean finishes. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Warm, natural materials make the kitchen inviting. 

4. A Mix of Modern and Classic

Italians have a long history, but they are recognized worldwide as trendsetters. Italians embody this in their timeless and sophisticated style but with a touch of modernity, with statements furniture with a creative and unique style. The balance between classic stylishness and modern creativity is what makes Italian style so captivating.

Our video panels embody modern Italian style by mixing multifunctional pieces with timeless refinement.

Mixing the traditional, with modern light panels give the space an airy feel.

5. Elegance and Sophistication

Italians manage to bring these elements effortlessly, using quality materials, clean lines, and good use of space. Dell Anno Canada is here to bring that atmosphere into your home using the best materials with the help of its team of skilled designers.

Modern Custom Closet Cabinets

Transform your space with modern, luxurious Italian home design. 

Room dividers that don’t distract from the beautiful lines of the space.