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True European cabinetry never uses plywood. Plywood is a North American standard and habit for cabinetry construction. Dell Anno is made in Brazil by European immigrants and European manufacturing equipment and standards. For more details, visit this article.

Yes, in our North American made products we offer the option of plywood case construction.

11% higher for cabinet cases made with plywood construction.

Depends on who is making your cabinets and what equipment and techniques they are using. If your cabinet maker can’t offer you a lifetime warranty on laminate cabinets and is pushing wood, be suspicious. For more details read this article we wrote on edge banding peeling off of cabinets.

Can we answer this question with a question? How much does a full size KIA sedan cost in comparison to a BMW 4 or 5 series? Both will take you from A to B but the experience of acquiring the vehicle and getting to your destination will be quite different. Luxury cabinets can cost from 30% to 50% more than entry level cabinetry. For more details and examples, read this article.

We are designers, manufacturers and installers of premium cabinetry designed and delivered with white-glove service. For a full list of the types of cabinetry we offer, read this article.

The best brands are Blum, Grass, Salice, Hettich. Each brand has its best applications and various uses. For some details on which applications each brand is best, visit this article.

If longevity is what you are looking for then Laminate surfaces will be the most resistant, as wood and paint finishes are much more easily damaged and required refinishing over time – a process that is not inexpensive or as easy as it seems. The long answer is also available here.

For Dell Anno, the differences between our local and our imported kitchens are found in timeframe, pricing and material options. North American entry level and luxury options are available, while our Brazil imported product is in the high-end to luxury range. More details here.

We do everything we can to save on shipping costs and be environmentally conscious, so flat packing is the best way to achieve that. For a full run down on the details of our shipping process, check this article.

The cost of bringing cabinets from Brazil to Canada is included in all our estimates. Get an estimate for your custom cabinetry project by starting the process here.

Based on the finishes selected and the number of accessories… 

  • The average kitchen for a small condo starts at approx. $18,000 
  • The average kitchen in a townhouse starts at approx. $30,000 
  • The average kitchen in a fully detached home of 3,000-5,000 sq/ft starts around $45,000 
  • The average kitchen in a home of over 5,000 sq/ft starts at $65,000 
  • The average kitchen, in a home of over 10,000 sq/ft would start around $80,000+

Yes! We have a lot of experience with all types of closets, small, large and luxury dressing rooms. To learn more about our closet offerings please see this page

Long story short, the skillsets, material and manufacturing processes of these 2 types of companies are very different. But not to worry, you can do both with Dell Anno. See more in this article we wrote explaining it all.

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