Dell Anno Home Design is proud to offer custom luxury in a variety of options to help you create your uniquely perfect space.

We believe that your home should be curated to reflect the beautiful things the world has to offer and uniquely catered to you and your needs.

Custom Imported

The following lines from Dell Anno are the definition of luxury. Italian designed and manufactured in Brazil, our luxury line features unique textured materials, following European trends and styles.


Features clean lines and unique textures to evoke a sense of nature while maintaining architectural lines.


For those who want the simplicity of contemporary style with all the versatility and function, you’ve come to expect from Dell Anno. Integrated handle grips set off the simple elegance of this line.


Minimalist and clean, our Flow line embodies timeless elegance. This line is subtly – with elegant lines and fine details that set it apart. The kind of statement only true refinement can make.


Classic and modern with clean lines create a modern inviting space. This collection creates a bright and airy space due to the mix of open and concealed storage.


Embrace the beauty of simplicity with our Spazio closet line. Clean lines and details of reflective glass create a serene and neutral backdrop for all your favorite pieces.


An elegant solution to contemporary requirements. Marry the beauty of lacquer, luxury laminate or wood veneer with a flush-closing system to create a wardrobe that is both modern and warm.


A distinctively open system comprised of wall panels, storage elements and glass. Practical and elegant, clean-lined and the ultimate in aesthetics and functionality.

Locally Manufactured

We are also happy to offer local options to bring you more affordable options with a faster lead time in partnership with our local shop.

Our manufacturing facility is committed to producing premium products for their clients. Their recent $12 million dollar expansion, along with their adoption of lean manufacturing makes them the ideal choice for Dell Anno.


A unique glass-coated panel made from acrylic and polymer. A perfect option for those wanting a durable solution for their spaces. This finish is water, scratch and UV resistant, and easy to clean.


We’ve partnered with the only cabinet manufacturer in Western Canada to offer the revolutionary Sun-Spot paint drying system. The system utilizes polyurethane instead of the traditional varnish coatings to make it water and scratch resistant and increase its durability and longevity.

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