The Right Cabinetry Company for Your Next Project

Looking for the right cabinetry company for your new house build or renovation project?

We may or may not be the right fit for you, so read on to find out.

At Dell Anno Home Design, we care deeply about a lot of things, but 3 things: stand out

Happiness. Beauty. Budget.

We love life and the balance of work and play is critical. We are incredibly passionate about beautiful, eye-catching interiors, and we bring our unique aspirational style and effortless sophistication to every project we take on, always keeping an eye on the bottom line.

For sleek, modern kitchens and cabinets with high quality, we’re impossible to beat, and we’ve spent years transforming Canada’s kitchens into gorgeous, design-led spaces for more than just food prep.

If you’re thinking about an entire kitchen remodel or opting for new closets or cabinets, look no further! Dell Anno is the perfect partner for your next design adventure, and our work makes the ideal addition to your home.

What makes Dell Anno the right cabinetry company for some?

Elegance and experience

The secret ingredient that turns a kitchen remodel into something special is our passion for our craft, and our team has it in spades. With over 100 years of combined experience designing and delivering high-quality kitchens, our unique blend of elegance, style, and Joi de Vivre shines through every project we work on. Custom cabinetry and bespoke kitchen spaces are our lives, making us ideal partners when you wish to breathe new life into the heart of your home.

Quality and tradition

Our commitment to quality is second to none. We’ve been working in the industry for decades, and our processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices have been proven time and again. As a Brazilian-Italian company, we have deep roots in the traditions of our two cultures, which combine to form the perfect blend. Classic, traditional Italian style meets Brazilian Alegria and the joy of entertaining, allowing us to create impeccably designed, exciting spaces for your home.


Kitchen design shouldn’t be old-fashioned, boring, or ‘normal’, and you should never settle for the same old same old. Kitchens might be primarily functional spaces, but they are also places for living, entertaining, and enjoyment, and should spark joy. We are continually looking for new ways to innovate when it comes to our projects. That might involve outside-the-box designs, new materials, or using the latest technology in our project management processes. It all adds up to a more exciting space for you, something a little different from the norm, and something that has the WOW factor!

Beautiful design

Finally, your kitchen should be a place of beauty, balance, and incredible aesthetics. We specialize in a clean design that clears the mind and allows you to crush life rather than let it crush you. We think deeply and differently about design and always consider proportion, scale, and color for every project. Your kitchen should be part of your lifestyle, allowing you to work and play hard in a functional space that looks amazing. Form and function always go hand in hand in our creations, and your kitchen should be a natural part of the flow of your home.

At Dell Anno, we strive to achieve every client’s unique idea of ‘perfect’, and we are obsessed with designing kitchens that spark immense joy for the whole family. We use the latest and best materials and technologies to ensure your kitchen remains timeless and has unbeatable longevity, and we even offer a lifetime warranty.