Our Team

We’re here to help you.

Our team is made up of a culturally rich and highly skilled group of designer and Bossanova lifestyle lovers. We believe every culture and age group has a gift to offer, and we truly appreciate each others’ contributions.

Stephen Grummisch – Purchasing &  Logistics Manager

Stephen has over 15 years of experience engineering and overseeing installations of
custom designed and manufactured organizational systems for closets, media centers, wall units, garages, mudrooms, pantries, laundry rooms etc. At Dell Anno, he leads the execution and installation of every single project after the initial design concept is approved.

He makes sure our design concepts are feasible from an installation perspective, that the installation itself will go smoothly and that our products will live up to their warranties. He has a very technical mind and attitude about most things, except when it comes to the huge soft spot for 4 legged companions of the canine kind.

The most appreciated trait Stephen brings to our team is his can-do attitude for complex design projects coupled with a genuine desire to please everyone around him with his unique skill set and experience.

Stephen Grummisch

John Duffield – Vice President

John is as our Vice President, acting as a manufacturing, quality and logistics consultant to Dell Anno Canada. He has worked in the custom cabinetry industry for nearly 40 years and knows just about everyone, methods and every material available. John sources what we need from anywhere in the world, if a locally manufactured option to our standards and client preferred price point is not available.

We appreciate John’s endless knowledge and resourcefulness.

John Duffield – Vice President

Claudia Duffield – President

Born in Brazil of Italian descent, Claudia moved to England first at age 18, and then immigrated to Canada 19 years ago. She is our resident custom closet design expert with over 20,000 hours of custom home storage design experience. Besides being in charge of keeping all showroom plants alive, Claudia is also in charge of our marketing, vision, and overall team harmony.

Claudia Duffield – President