Cleanse your mind and your body from the comfort of a Dell Anno bathroom

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Relaxation that runs deep

Immerse yourself in the energizing and relaxing atmosphere of a beautiful bathroom that not only blurs the lines between elegance and function, but releases the tensions of your day. In this space, you will escape and embrace the soothing sound of silence while recharging from the stresses of your life—in here, you will let go and get in touch with yourself.
Bathroom Italian Wall Cabinets
Custom Cabinets Vancouver

Dell Anno custom vanities and cabinets pair relaxation with organization, creating a fresh atmosphere without distractions to encourage relaxation.

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Connect with the heart of Dell Anno and experience what it means to live like a bossanova in our Langley showroom. Complete with custom cabinetry, carefully selected for the North American market, and exclusive collections, you’ll experience a taste of Brazil and discover our unparalleled commitment to quality, beauty, and design—firsthand.

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Soak it in

Create light and airy spaces with custom cabinets and floating lit vanities, designed to expose and conceal towels and toiletries strategically. Relax into the beauty of your surroundings and find energy in this moment to yourself.
Bathroom Storage Cabinets
Bathroom Storage Cabinets
With custom finishes and expert manufacturing, Dell Anno redefines the meaning of custom and creates bathrooms that are both structurally and aesthetically beautiful.