Who is Dell Anno Canada and what does it offer?

Dell Anno Canada is the exclusive dealer of Dell Anno Home Design, a high-end and luxury brand of custom cabinetry from Brazil.

We are passionate and highly skilled individuals of various nationalities, led by myself, Claudia Duffield. We have extensive experience in the local and international cabinetry industries, and we are deeply committed to bringing Canadian homeowners the best of what our industry has to offer.


Why Brazilian Cabinetry you may ask?


First, I was born in Brazil and lived there until I turned 18. Knowing that Brazil has a huge pool of great design talent and exceptionally well-manufactured products, how could I not share it with my fellow Canadians?


How did Brazil end up with great design/designers and exceptional manufacturing?

A little background with a quick look at history…

If you have never traveled to Brazil, you might not know that Brazil has 500 years of immigration and cultural history. Portuguese explorers arrived in Brazil in 1,500 AC and identified incredible resources, so they began developing the land. In the 1800s slavery was abolished in Brazil and suddenly the need for general labour became so huge that the immigration gates opened widely for other European nationals to make Brazil their home.


Italians came in boatloads and were given land, the tools, and seeds to begin working to sustain themselves. Soon these skilled craftsmen began also relying on their other talents, such as cabinet and furniture making.


Due to the similar weather and geography to Europe, the south of Brazil became home to most Europeans who immigrated in the early 1900s, including my grandparents. Today the south of Brazil is our own slice of Europe, home to top manufacturing industries, and of course the top South American furniture manufacturers such as Unicasa Moveis.


Here’s a quick tour of the product options Dell Anno Canada offers:


Luxury Contemporary and Modern Design: Dell Anno imported from Brazil


Dell Anno is our brand name but also our chief product line designed locally by our talented interior designers, manufactured in Brazil in our state-of-the-art 550,000 sq/ft facility, and shipped to Canada. Dell Anno is the luxury brand of Unicasa, our manufacturer, a public company committed to the highest levels of environmental consciousness and shareholder accountability.


In its 4th decade, Dell Anno stands for superb design, luxurious materials, and 100% European standards in manufacturing. The Dell Anno brand revels in the connection between fashion and architecture. You can experience this connection in the finishes and designs Dell Anno offers.


Not everyone is right for Dell Anno. It is designed for those who appreciate the beautiful things life has to offer. It is a great fit for those who want to be at the edge of the latest and greatest design concepts and products. Its luxury speaks for itself and is not easily comparable or matched locally.


Dell Anno has an extensive catalog of finishes to choose from that includes solid basics such as whites, greys, taupe, and linen textures. It has an incredibly luxurious collection of wood laminates, lacquered paints in both matte and gloss finishes, wood veneers, and unmatched aluminum and glass doors. Visit our showroom to learn more about our incredible Dell Anno brand and what we stand for.


Dell Anno uses PUR glue and Laser Edge banding on its various laminate cabinet components. Blum hardware is standard for all our imported cabinetry.


Luxury Level Transitional & Traditional Designs: Nickels Cabinets


Nickels Cabinets manufactures in Richmond, BC, and has been around for 40+ years. The Nickels family is all about traditional North American cabinet-making values, integrity, and quality. It follows some European standards but it mainly caters to the North American-minded homeowner.

With Nickels Cabinets manufacturing our specified cabinetry, we have designed and installed some amazingly intricate projects in transitional and traditional styles. Check out our project gallery to see some of them.

Nickels offers laminate and plywood options, painted, and wood veneers as per North American cabinet-making standards.

Nickels Cabinets only uses Hot Air / Laser Edge banding and PUR glue in some cases for its laminate cabinet components. Blum is Nickels’ standard hardware of choice.


Entry Level and Semi-Customization: Sunrise Kitchens


Sunrise Kitchens is a 40-year-old local family-run multi-family kitchen cabinet manufacturer located in Surrey, BC. It is perfect for the everyday working kitchen such as your basement suites, spice kitchens, or rental properties. We are Sunrise’s only local custom single-family cabinetry supplier in the lower mainland.

Sunrise Kitchens uses Grass hardware and offers the Grass metal drawer box system for its drawer boxes.

Sunrise offers a lifetime warranty on its laminate products because of the PUR glue edge banding on the laminate products. It boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technique in edgebanding that seals all edges of the composite board to guarantee protection from moisture.