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Refresh, renew, redesign, and begin again

Your home should make you feel something, whether it’s connection, passion, or comfort (we aim for all three). It should stir your soul and create a sense of belonging and beauty—be the place you long to return to after a day of work or a vacation. Creating this feeling starts with design, and ends with a raw and authentic expression of who you are, thoughtfully staged to highlight the beauty of your space and your style. Rich colours with luxurious textures highlight your new thoughtfully designed living room.

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Experiment with ambient lighting, horizontal lines, and floating shelves to create a dynamic space. Play with colour, paint with light, speak through design.

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Connect with the heart of Dell Anno and experience what it means to live like a bossanova in our Langley showroom. Complete with custom cabinetry, carefully selected for the North American market, and exclusive collections, you’ll experience a taste of Brazil and discover our unparalleled commitment to quality, beauty, and design—firsthand.

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Your life, artfully designed and displayed

Every space has its own individual story, its own aesthetics and, of course, its own style. Whether it’s eclectic, minimal, traditional, or modern, you get to choose what story you tell. Using a combination of floating shelves, SMART materials, LED lighting, and unique finishes, Dell Anno makes sure that no matter what story you’re telling, it’s a beautiful one that defines and reflects your energy and taste. Come experience the luxury of Italian-inspired design at Dell Anno.

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Bring harmony and beauty into your everyday life by striking a perfect balance between aesthetics, ambiance, and art.