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How Do You Ship Cabinets To Canada From Brazil?

Crates of a project waiting for the site to be ready for installation.

This article focuses on the shipping aspects of our cabinetry, as it is a common question our clients ask.

For our typical design and installation process read this.

Canada is an amazing place to live and work, and we are blessed to call it home. Every Canadian citizen, myself included, is an avid local small business, community, and local economy supporter. So much so, that we all wish we could buy and make everything we need for our lives locally!

Then why import custom cabinetry when there are so many local cabinet companies making cabinets already?

The main reason we import Dell Anno cabinets from Brazil is that it is a unique product, manufactured in a fully automated factory that Canada or the US do not have. State-of-the-art automation in manufacturing produces superior-quality finishes such as high-gloss paints and laminate edge-banded materials. Once we list all that is special and advantageous about buying Dell Anno cabinetry for your project or home, there are very few companies left for an “apples-to-apples” comparison. Dell Anno’s special features:
  • Brand’s history with fashion + architecture blend
  • Exclusive finish options differentiate your home from the local products, luxury at an incredible price point
  • Ability to customize our designs and cabinetry to 1/8″ in sizes
  • Unique Brazilian-Italian design style that is clean, and modern but warm and inviting
  • Automated manufacturing process capable of producing exceptional quality in large quantities for custom projects
  • White-glove service
  • Warranties
  • The currency exchange with Brazil,
We believe that there are enough projects and clients for all the different types of businesses supporting local communities, and creating jobs and growth opportunities. Dell Anno Vancouver currently has a core team of  7 local individuals on staff and sub-contracts 10 more as projects demand. We support local families in our local communities of Surrey and Langley, and the Greater Vancouver region, where we have made our homes and lived for over 20 years.

We care deeply about the environment, efficiency and carbon footprint when it comes to importing quality products. Therefore, we make every effort to consolidate our material purchases and international shipments to make the best possible use of all resources available.

So without further ado, here is what our importing process looks like:


Once our factory in Brazil receives our order and payment 100% upfront. We instruct them on how the project will be shipped: by air or by sea. In either option, we also instruct them to have our cabinetry sent to our Surrey warehouse flat packed, because this saves space and costs in international shipping. Imagine shipping empty boxes — an unnecessary waste and cost!


Our factory wraps each piece of cabinetry individually with recycled materials, protecting each part from damage inside the crate. The crates of flat-packed (unassembled) cabinetry range in sizes, getting up to 9’ long sometimes!

Air Freight

Our freight courier partner picks up our air shipment cargo at our Dell Anno factory. They are then driven to the closest airport to await boarding on their pre-booked flight. Once boarded they arrive in a Canada the next day, clear customs in 2 days typically, and are then driven to our warehouse here in Surrey. The whole process takes about 2 weeks from the product readiness date at the factory to arrival in our warehouse.

Ocean Freight

For our ocean shipments, it’s a similar process – our freight courier partner picks up at the factory, drives to the nearest port, and then loads it onto a semi or full container. Ocean freight from the south of Brazil to the Port of Vancouver takes approx. 45-55 days, then clears customs and arrives at our warehouse. For large projects, this is the most cost-effective way to bring in the materials.

Cabinet Pre-assembly

We unload the boxes or crates in our warehouse. We schedule unpacking, inspection, and pre-assembly of your cabinet components closer to the installation date. This way, we already know if a piece is missing or damaged and can organize a replacement before we even start the installation. We pack pallets of assembled cabinets and organize delivery to the project site (your home). Next, we begin installation on the following day after delivery!

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Import cabinetry process
Dell Anno Vancouver steps in bringing custom cabinets from Brazil to Canada.