Hotel Luxury for Your Home

After two years of adjusting to strict guidelines, it’s not surprising that many people are starting to feel trapped in their homes. Travel restrictions and new Covid-19 variants mean you can no longer fly to exciting new places on a whim or explore new sights with the same freedom you could just a few years ago.

There’s something special about putting your bags down in a hotel. It’s a chance to rest, relax, and hit refresh, enveloped in the comfort and decadence of luxury hotels. What if you could replicate that 5-star experience—by bringing all the comforts and amenities of a high-end luxury hotel into your home?

Here’s how to give your home the 5-star makeover you deserve.

1. Invest in High-Quality Luxurious Textiles

From sofas, headboards, and bed linen to decorative furnishings like cushions and throw blankets, fabrics form the basis of interior décor—it’s important to understand the role textiles play in the overall look and feel of any space. Velvet fabrics made from silk, cotton, mohair, or wool are characteristically rich and luxurious yet sturdy and resilient. These materials are beautifully indulgent, and when paired with the right color scheme can bring softness and sophisticated serenity into your home.

Bedroom custom cabinetry and shelves

2. Get the Lighting Right

Lighting can often be overlooked when decorating. Yet without light, there’s no design, no shape, and no dimension. A significant part of hotel design is dedicated to finding the right lighting and illuminating objects to project a desired ambiance. In short, no room is complete without good lighting. Think of crystal chandeliers in a minimalist modern space, they can transform a space from feeling too mechanical by bringing warmth and a different element of style in a room.

Good quality lighting can evoke emotion, set the mood, and affect how you feel while in your home. High quality lighting with natural elements can bring an element of sophistication into your home while bathing artwork in light can bring it to life. Use light to create focal points and draw attention to special details in carefully selected finishes. Integrated lighting panels, for instance, can be customized to suit the features of a room, illuminating them in a striking, sophisticated way.

3. Minimalism /Open Spaces

Lifestyle trends come and go, but the appeal of minimalistic, open spaces has stood the test of time. Minimalist, light-filled open spaces add a touch of sophistication to any house, whether it’s a historic, countryside or new-build apartment. The idea is simple: to keep walls and closed-off rooms to a minimum, which means there’s so much you can do with open spaces. Sliding doors are a great to give you the option for open or closed spaces. Dell Anno has many options for sliding doors that still allow you to keep a light and airy feel. For instance, sleek lines are a feature of modern design that can make your home a tad more breathable, bigger, and far more spacious.

4. Make your Home More Organized

You’ll never walk into a cluttered hotel room. One of the most important aspects of minimalist, open spaces is the emphasis on organization and keeping clutter out of sight. You’ll want to increase storage in your home by opting for built-in cabinets rather than shelves, using furniture that multitasks and adding storage and seating space beneath windows. Organization is all about maximizing the space you have available. For instance, you can use interior organizers to improve the utility of your cabinets and turn even the messiest of drawers into efficient storage spaces.

Additionally, hide away the wires, cords and plugs of electrical devices by running them behind walls and tucking them into tubing. Doing so blends technology seamlessly into a space so you can maintain a sleek, minimalist vibe.

5. Consider Scale and Leverage Unused Space 

Elements should fit the space, and you can achieve this objective with custom built-ins. You’d be surprised by the space you can find hidden in your home. Built-ins are a great way to integrate storage and furniture into your home in a style that feels natural. Plus, customizing furniture to your space leaves room for versatility, meaning you don’t have to worry about a room feeling small or cramped just because you added more furniture.

The possibilities are endless with custom-built ins. Every home has nooks and crannies that cannot be used because they’re small or oddly shaped. You can add a bookcase beneath the stairs or create a cozy seating area in rooms where there’s a downward roof slope

Whole House Cabinetry
Italian Interior Design

6. Stylish Function

An open space can quickly be rendered boring if not well-designed. Since there are no corridors to provide defined paths, creating virtual boundaries can ease transition and create a sense of direction. For example, use horizontal lines for a more grounded, sheltered feel and vertical lines to create lofty, airy spaces. Transparent room dividers establish separation between spaces without the closed-off atmosphere that comes with using walls. Integrated technology like movie panels,  phone chargers, safe locks, and speakers allow for all the modern conveniences, but with a classically beautiful look. 

Create A Destination Inspired Ambiance

Maybe you can’t roam the world as much as you’d like right now, but you can make your home feel like a fancy hotel by switching up a few design elements. It’s all about evoking the same rich, authentic sense of luxury in your home.

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