Dell Anno’s Design Inspiration Sources


It is no secret that Dell Anno, the luxury brand of Unicasa, has design and inspiration roots deeply connected to fashion and architecture.

Visiting our showroom, one can quickly see our Dell Anno finishes bringing fabric textures to life and our displays boasting well-thought-out lines and functionality to meet the highest levels of architectural features of modern luxury homes.

Over the past 38 years, Dell Anno aligned with several fashion designers and architects created mesmerizing marketing campaigns with storytelling and photoshoots and traveled the world with interior designers and architects to bring inspiration and cutting-edge designs to our clients.

“It is a pleasure to live and operate in this world of art, beauty, and luxury interiors.” – Claudia Duffield, Dell Anno Canada’s President.


Dell Anno offers endless customization and options to choose from. From over 4,000 paint colors to unlimited cabinet configurations, and sizing customizations, we guarantee a unique project every single time. We never do the same thing twice and continue to innovate with new products every year.

The latest inspiration journey Dell Anno embarked on recently was to the iSaloni e Fuorisalone Milan in Italy in April 2023, with our project Dell Anno A Milano. The Milan Fair theme this year was Future Lab. Dell Anno collaborated with fashion journalist Beth Venzon from Moda365 to capture some of the latest trends in art, fashion, and design which all come together and translate into stunning furniture designs for our clients.

Future Lab was an open space for creatives to exchange ideas, seeking to solve problems and bring about solutions for the present and to build better lives in the future. Many themes were on display: innovation, sustainability, history, materials, manufacturing techniques, craftsmanship, and textures, all bringing forth places, memories, and connections.

Bringing back the past with a contemporary twist that values today and our present times. Walking the streets of Milan gave us a clear picture of the Future Lab, stretching our design creativity and giving us the strength to build a better future.

The designs on display with multiple possibilities show up with strength and technology while displaying the poetry of hand-made craftsmanship.

The immersive spaces showcase the importance of sharing and being connected to the web of community. Sustainability, innovation, future, mobility… These elements reveal themselves individually when they all meet together.

What are some of the paths of design?

Some of this year’s installations transported us to a new future of connections, interactions, and creations. Walking through displays and suddenly coming face to face with the latest innovation of Artificial Intelligence and how it is impacting us, reminded us AI too has now a place in design.

Immersive Digital Art and Real displays now are united creating a personalized and advanced experience. Combining data and information to develop unique pieces.

If on one side the technology seems to be advancing rapidly, the counterpoint in these creations is in valuing their natural beauty, origin, and transformation process, highlighting their colors and unique design.

Check out some of the images captured by Beth and Dell Anno A Milano and her whole journey on our Instagram account.

If you live in Vancouver, North or West Vancouver, Dell Anno will meet with you in our home or project site, or host you to visit one of our showrooms or display locations in the lower mainland.