Daring Life Like a Bossanova

First things first—I want to hear you say it.

bos·sa no·va
[baw-sah noh-vuh]

Let the sensuous mix of vowels and consonants roll off your tongue and embrace the sheer beauty of the word. It’s the perfect combination of Brazilian flair—the voluptuous “baw,” the lingering “s,” and the mischievous “va.”

—It feels good, right?

More than just rhythmically rolling off the tongue, the term has musical roots as sultry as a Brazilian samba. You’re forgiven if your imagination goes directly to the thought of translucent tights and stirring hips, because this cultural vibrance and passion for life is exactly what it means to live like a Bossanova.

Embracing this new trend is more than a carefully crafted cabinet collection. Bossanova is the belief we choose to embody when conveying our Brazilian point-of-view.

Bossanova can be as bright as Carnival or as melodic as an intimate gathering. Both situations, large or small, are tamed by our desire to please an urge; excitement and adventure. This consciousness is fed by our secret desire to be vulnerable, to see how we seduce the unexpected. Bossanova dares this vulnerability, tempting fate straight-on with aplomb. Be it the expression of yourself in a dish for friends or in braving that satin accoutrement for a “friend,” to live like a Bossanova is as fearless as your initial intuition.

You work hard. That’s why you deserve a Bossanova lifestyle.

This cultural vibrance and passion for life is exactly what it means to live like a Bossanova.

In a little over one month’s time, we’ll be unveiling our Brazilian charm to Canada—a feat of my own vulnerability. Along the way, the journey has been an adventure both literally and figuratively.

From exploring the rolling hills of Brazil’s southernmost region where Dell Anno creates beautiful cabinetry to reengaging with my own Brazilian roots, I’ve grown both professionally and personally in a way that’s summoned my own intrepidness and inspired my natural intuition.

My name is Claudia. I’m an entrepreneur, a styling enthusiast, a wife, and a mom.

Over the course of my career in cabinetry and design, I’ve channelled my energy toward a tangible product to compel customers to feel fulfilled while in their home. Now, I’m flipping the proverbial “script.”

As Dell Anno Canada, this new venture is personal.

For me, it’s a journey back to my childhood, watching my father disassemble and reassemble cherished kitchen cabinets to cushion the uncomfortableness of, yet another, move. Imagine that—to care about someone so much that it inspires such great lengths to create a sense of well-being. This, as crazy as it sounds, is actually a Brazilian tradition. A timelessness and elegance that Dell Anno carries into every idea we concoct, which gives me great pride as a designer and a Brazilian.

This is my cultural journey, and the introduction of a lifestyle brand that just happens to craft magnificent cabinetry.

—Join me, won’t you?