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Behind the Scenes of Our 24th Street Kitchen

We are a HAVAN Awards Finalist in the Building Excellence and Technology Category!

Dell Anno is proud to announce that we were selected as a finalist of the (Homebuilders Association of Vancouver) HAVAN Awards in 2023 in the Building Excellence and Technology category with our 24th Street Kitchen in West Vancouver, installed in 2021 and 2022.

First, let’s be real: we are a finalist for this award because we applied for it. 😉 Awards don’t grow on trees and are not handed out freely.

Applying for recognition awards such as this takes days of work, the effort of several team members, and a few dollars in fees, etc… But we gladly do this so that more people can notice us and catch a glimpse of the super-cool work our team and manufacturing facility is putting out.

This stunning kitchen was a special project executed in close collaboration with the interior designer Aida Shayesteh of Artiman Design Build. Aida’s vision was to have a glass-surface kitchen that looked and felt different than the typical contemporary kitchen. She visited our showroom, and together we reviewed countless samples of our glass materials that are used in conjunction with aluminum frames for our kitchens and cabinetry in general.

We looked at 2 or 3 different sets of samples, and only after Aida combined the flooring, countertop, and plumbing fixtures materials she was able to make a final decision on the Argentato Bronze glass to bring it all together.

The reason this material is a great example of building excellence and technology is that it combines various elements in one: A silver mirror with a bronze tinting on the back, with a satiny or acid-etched surface. The result is a pearlized characteristic, hardly seen in cabinetry or furniture glass. The result is a change in color as the daylight progresses, on where the light hits it. Simply stunning to have living art as kitchen fronts.

The price point is the same as glass + aluminum front solutions, which is at the higher end of cabinetry material options, listed below from less to more expensive:

  1. Laminates
  2. Painted Finishes
  3. Wood Veneers
  4. Aluminum + Glass (Argentato Bronze falls in this category)

The fronts (and cabinets) were manufactured in Brazil in our Dell Anno / Unicasa 550,000 sq/ft facility. Timeframe to receive this kitchen was approx. 16 weeks from signed shop drawings.

The panel-ready appliance panels were also supplied in the same aluminum-glass material, installation proceeded as normal for this type of project.

The client was thrilled and the house went on the market for sale for $7M.

If you’d like to see our glass-aluminum solutions, please visit our showroom or schedule a Zoom call with our team.