Luxury Appliance x Cabinet Trends for 2022/2023

Dell Anno is very proud to have partnered with Midland Appliance to create their Langley Showroom – NOW OPEN. It was a great opportunity to pair the newest appliances with the latest cabinetry trends from Dell Anno to create a few of the beautiful kitchen spaces in their showroom. 

But we just can’t wait to share these spaces with you, so here are the trends for 2022/2023 Luxury Appliances & Cabinets. Be sure to read to the end for a sneak peek of the Midland Appliance showroom installation.

1. Panel Ready Appliances

Panel ready appliances have been around for a long time, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as the trends continue to move away from stainless steel and towards the clean lines that panelled appliances offer. 

We love panel ready appliances for providing a homogeneous look to your cabinetry. It allows for a truly elevated look, allowing the cabinetry to shine without the interruption of appliances in the way. This can make smaller kitchen spaces appear bigger and less cluttered by providing a seamless look. It can also make bigger spaces look more cohesive and welcoming. 

Credit: Monogram

Panelled appliances also allow you to control the colours in your kitchen. A great option as current trends favours warmer colours which don’t always match the cool tones of stainless steel. Another trend that is gaining popularity is mixing and matching textures in your kitchen to reflect a more natural space. Mixing the smooth finish of lacquered fronts, with organic wood grain, or our new textured glass doors is a great way to achieve this. The ability to mix and match is made much easier with panelled appliances. 

The most popular appliances to panel are fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and more recently, drink fridges.

Balance of open and concealed storage. Panelled appliances give the kitchen a streamlined, cohesive, appearance.
Panel ready drink fridges provide a seamless look.

2. Double Up!

I think we can all agree that if one is good, then two is even better? A very popular trend in luxury kitchens is to double up on your most popular appliances. 

Two dishwashers ensure that the sink doesn’t pile up with dirty dishes. The conventional choice is two full-sized dishwashers, but dual drawers are also an option. Drawers are essentially two half-sized dishwashers stacked on top of each other, perfect for smaller households or smaller spaces. 

Two wall ovens have long been a staple in luxury kitchens, ensuring that every side dish has a spot in the oven. But dual ovens don’t necessarily need to be two of the same. You can match a traditional oven with a steam oven or an all-in-one microwave/convection oven duo for more cooking options.

And the most luxurious of all? An entire second kitchen (commonly referred to as a support, fry, wok or spice kitchen). This allows you to hide the mess of the day-to-day cooking from the main show kitchen. It also frees up the main kitchen to be a stress-free gathering place (as we know all kitchens are). Allowing your guests to mingle and snack, while all prep is safely hidden away.  

Credit: Gaggenau

Doubling up doesn’t have to just apply to your kitchen either. We’ve been designing laundry rooms with 2 sets of washers and driers, for families with lots of laundry action that just can’t wait for a regular cycle to end.

And if you have the space, consider a washer/dryer option on each floor of your home. No more lugging your laundry up and down the stairs! You don’t get more convenience than a laundry set up in your closet! If a W+D combo doesn’t fit,  how about a steamer for those clothes that just need a bit of a refresh?

Credit: LG

3. Smart Kitchen

The kitchen is the traditional gathering place of the home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have the technological conveniences we’ve come to love in the other parts of our home. Monogram offers a wide range of smart appliances. From fridges that tell you when you’re low on ice, to ovens that you can preheat from anywhere in your home. Smart appliances allow you to be connected to your kitchen from anywhere in your home.

Credit: Monogram

4. Appliances in Your Closet

When you think of appliances, you’re thinking about your kitchen. But your closet is a great place to add a few appliances as well. The aforementioned laundry options are a great addition. A coffee/tea station means you can have your coffee before you even get ready for the day, or perhaps a drink fridge for champagne as you get ready for an evening event with friends.

For skincare lovers, a small cosmetics fridge is the perfect addition to your vanity to house your luxury creams, masks, and rollers.

Credit: LG

Cabinet Trends for Midland

As promised, we want to take you along to see the progress at Midland Appliance

We opted to use our Capelli finish on the Gaggenau kitchen. A warm creamy beige/grey mixed with Castle Oak makes for a warm & neutral space. 

We made two Monogram kitchens, one for each of their lines – Minimalist and Statement. We used Capelli again for the minimalist line, showing how versatile the lacquered finish is. For the Statement line, we went with a statement of our own, opting for our Urca finish, a beautiful red wine colour which takes its inspiration from the sunsets of Rio de Janeiro.

Capelli Finish
Urca Finish

Last, but certainly not least – we used our gorgeous Renoir finish for the wine room. It’s a beautiful, warm, walnut finish that is extremely versatile. We often pair this finish with black, grey, and cream tones for a stunning mix of textures.

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