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Project Showcase:

24th Street

We completed this beautiful contemporary project in collaboration with Aida Shayesteh of Artiman Design  & Build.  

The clients love to entertain in their space that features a big open kitchen, adjacent dining area, cozy saloon and wide slide door opening to the pool. 

To take full advantage of the surrounding outdoor spaces at all times, the main kitchen is intentionally designed next to an exceptionally 24-foot wide sliding door. Additionally, the sound of the water feature that falls into the pool offers natural soft music to the space

The 3×8-foot bank of opening french windows over the sink provides a view of the backyard’s planted stand of cedar trees, achieving the goal of the home’s design to “connect directly to nature in every room.” Even on the east side of the kitchen space after the foyer, a 12×9-foot window overlooks the Zen garden with a 10-foot topiary tree and special landscape and lighting

The dark grey countertop sticks to the main colour scheme of the design concept and adds a warm, potent element to the project’s core.

The right combination of material, geometry and contrast of colours create absolute harmony in this unique kitchen. the colour of this floor-to-ceiling glass door shimmers and shifts throughout the day as the sun moves past, giving an impression of a living creature to complement design concepts

Induction cooktop with down-draft venting purposefully located inside of island and opposite dining area: encourages conversation between chefs and guests/family while enhancing workflow efficiency.

Integrated fridge/freezers plus built-in cappuccino maker and steam-oven located on west wall where easily accessible both from the working area and adjacent dining/living-room spaces: guests/family can help themselves without interrupting chefs-at-work.

Design Challenges


Designed to be a central social hub and a culinary working space, the kitchen is the genuine heart of this home and serves outdoor spaces as well, — a great place to hang out.

A practical, 10×11-foot wok kitchen (with a four-burner gas range and full-sized fridge) also overlooks the backyard. Dekton countertops and backsplash create visual continuity with the main kitchen’s island.

Central location within the main living level allows quick and easy access to other living areas including outdoor spaces. moreover, Full-height cabinets offer extra storage space.

To overcome the house’s limited footprint, the kitchen is designed wide and along with the other major components to reflect the shape of the property

The ducting system for the second floor runs through the kitchen and is purposefully concealed by an angled drop ceiling with slatted black accent millwork and led strip lighting. 


The cabinet doors are glass and the frames are aluminum to keep the design modern, neat and simple. also, floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide an abundance of storage.

The slatted ceiling (black) incorporates asymmetric, recessed LED lighting strips (a dramatic visual used thematically throughout the house as part of the overall design concept) plus an angled center section first seen in the outside kitchen/lounge area.

Above-sink wrap-around incorporates the same countertop slab on the ceiling. Accent strip of LED lighting) duplicates pattern seen on the island and used thematically throughout the home.